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georgian bay 30 000 islands

michaelleckman | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

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30 000 Islands | Georgian Bay

30 000 Islands

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Audio Excerpt

Look to the North and you’ll see the vast pristine waters of Georgian Bay.  The bay is home to fish, seaweed, happy vacationers and a few islands! Welllll by a few.. I mean 30,000, but who's counting!? Most of these islands are on the East side of the bay and collectively known as the ‘Thirty Thousand Islands”.


Just picture it.. waking up every morning to a view of those windswept islands, with their distinctive trees, rock cliffs and white capped waves crashing into the shore.. well for most, like me,  this is just a pipe dream.. But the Group of Seven, a famous group of Canadian artists, ensured everyone can have this view! Well… a smaller less life like version that is.


The Group of Seven created a number of paintings beautifully recreating the shoreline and islands of Georgian Bay! There is one island, Sans Souci, that offers something a little more than beautiful scenery.. Any idea what it is?


If you answered Henry’s Fish & Chips, throw another fish on the barbie (Australian accent)! Henry, who in my imagination is a barbecuing Australian with a shark tooth necklace, opened the world famous restaurant in 1973.  Henry’s Fish & Chips is only accessible by float-plane or boat and is most famous for it’s lightly battered fresh caught pickeral! Served family-style with fries, coleslaw and baked beans, Henry swears it’s the best tasting fish you’ll ever have.. And others agree! The island restaurant has even been featured in the New York Times!

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