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Join the Maple Creek walking tour!



Not just another banner ad!

Connect and engage with local consumers in a unique way.



Become part of the tour!

Reach nearby consumers ready to act and engage.




Create your own content or let us help at no extra charge. Mobile advertising made easy.


how users will SEE you on the tour

Your logo will be displayed on the map and visible to everyone doing the tour.

When someone on the tour walks by your location, the audio will automatically play and entice them to enter your business!

*map icon only available with "make your own walking tour point"


When a user taps on the map logo, they can read all about your business.


Post pictures, menus, directions, hours and links to your website, Trip Advisor and social media pages! 


how users will HEAR your on the tour

how users will ENGAGE with you on the tour

Each tour stop contains a fun and entertaining trivia question.

Engage your audience by asking them about a product or service! 

*map icon only available with "make your own walking tour point"


Post links to your website, social media accounts and Trip Advisor or Google reviews page.

Get instant followers and increase consumer interaction.

Include a link for directions which opens up instantly in phones navigation app.


Maple Creek Pricing

$50 / YR

Walking Tour

Major Sponsor

You're a POI on the tour!

Full 45 - 60 second audio

Script / Content Creation Assistance




Ideal For

Downtown, Restaurants & Retail Stores

Major SponsorPlay Me!
00:00 / 00:47

$25 / YR

Walking Tour

Minor Sponsor

10 - 15 Sec Audio Clip
Your tagline on existing POI's

Logo / Links / Pictures 

Ideal For

Businesses With Low Foot Traffic

Restaurants, Hotels, Attractions

15 Second ExamplePlay Me!
00:00 / 00:15

$250 / YR

Title Sponsor

Your brand throughout the tour

Additional Benefits

Sell major and minor sponsorships to local business, keep the profits.

Leverage existing networks

Ideal For

Radio & TV Stations, Newspapers, Online Ad Sales, Billboard providers

15 Second ExamplePlay Me!
00:00 / 00:16
Minor Sponsor
00:00 / 00:12
Major Sponsor
00:00 / 00:57