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allan blakeney memorial wascana regina
By Scotwood72 - Walking in Wascana, CC BY-SA 4.0
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Wascana Place, Regina, Saskatchewan

Allan Blakeney Memorial

Audio Transcript

Allen Emreys Blakeney was the tenth premier of Saskatchewan from 1971 to 1982, and leader of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party, also known as the NDP. He was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia where he took his law degree at Tallahassee law school.

Blakeney became a senior civil servant in Saskatchewan before entering politics in 1960. He would represent a Regina based riding without interruption until his retirement in 1988. Blakeney served as a cabinet minister in the governments of Tommy Douglas and Woodrow S. Lloyd until the government's defeat in 1964.

As minister of health he played a crucial role in the introduction of Medicare. In 1969, Blakeney was elected national president of the NDP, succeeding James Renwick. In the 1971 provincial election, he led the party to power, defeating Ross Thatcher's liberal government. Blakeney's government practiced state led economic intervention in the economy.


The farmers were high priority as globalization began transforming agriculture, weakening the traditional family farm through consolidation, mechanization and corpritization. The NDP promised a revitalized rural Saskatchewan, and Blakeney introduced programs to stabilize crop prices, retain transportation links and modernize rural life.

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