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alliston ontario driving tour

Doug Kerr | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

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Alliston, ON


A point of interest on the GTA to Georgian Bay Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

If we head West at the next interchange on highway 89, we’ll hit the town of Alliston. Now, to say Alliston is good at growing things would be a biiiit of an understatement.. They are amazing at it!! I know I know, that’s a bold statement but, tell you what, I’ll give you three reasons why! Actually I have a better idea! Why don’t YOU tell ME why!!  So what three things do you think Alliston is good at growing?

The answer is Honda’s, Potatoes and Population! Alliston is home to Honda of Canada, a large auto manufacturing facility consisting of three major plants! The first plant opened in 1986 and the facility has grown ever since, now employing almost 5,000 people!   Alliston is also good at growing people… no no they aren’t making giants.. it’s the population that keeps growing!


And growing… and growing! In fact, the population has grown at a rate 5 times that of the average growth rate across Ontario! And finally, for my final argument… Alliston is renowned for growing potatoes... potatoes so good they started a potato festival just to celebrate their deliciousness!


That’s right folks, each year thousands of people visit the Alliston Potato Festival to celebrate the wonderful world of potatoes.. Baked, boiled, fried, sauteed, in a skillet, in a poutine, stuffed once, stuffed twice, heck stuff it three times.. I don’t care.. I’ll eat em all!! mmmm. 

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