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anvil island british columbia
Dale Simonson | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Anvil Island | British Columbia

Anvil Island

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Audio Excerpt

Take a look to the West and you’ll see an island.. It may not look like an island as it’s pretty big, but trust me, it is! You’re looking at Anvil island, which is actually the third-largest island in Howe Sound! If I haven’t explained to you what Howe Sound is yet.. I will in the next question! 


The name Anvil island came about on June 14th, 1792 when Captain George Vancouver picked up his feather pen and wrote this in his journal… “"The sun shining at this time, for a few minutes afforded an island which, from the shape of the mountain that composes it, obtained the name of Anvil island." (spoken in an old english accent). The funny thing is, no one else really saw an anvil when they looked it at..


Captain Vancouver claimed he saw this when he looked at it upside down... but this just confused most people.. But the name stuck! Take a good look, what do you think the island resembled to pretty much everyone else?


Was it, A) a ship, B) a turtle, or C) Gene Simmons?


The answer is B, a turtle!  Well, my favorite turtle, Donatello to be exact.. But that’s just my opinion! If you look to the North of the island, you might be able to see that it narrows to a point. This is quite accurately known to local people as ‘The Point’ and was used for decades as a prime deer hunting spot.  Deer would often go here to feed, ironically enough, soon becoming food themselves.  On the South side of the island there is another quite accurately labelled area called ‘Daybreak Point’ .. wellll I guess it’s better than, Point # 2!


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