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arapaho national forest
Don Graham | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Arapaho National Forest | Colorado

Arapaho National Forest

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Audio Excerpt

So just a fair warning, this question is going to start with a reallllllly cheesy dad joke, ok!?? AAAAllllrighty then. What is a snake’s favorite school subject? Hisssssssssss-tory of course! Ahhh hahaha  that was a gooder wasn’t it!? Well the history of arapaho National Forest, which is about 15 miles North West oh here, started on July 1 1908! President Theodore Roosevelt named the park after the arapaho tribe of Native Americans that called the Colorado Eastern Plains their home.  Within the arapaho National Forest, there are 6 different designated wilderness areas containing all sorts of critters like our history loving snake! There have been 198 bird species recorded in the forest, including over 5,000 ducks during their peak migration season in late May. The forest is also a nesting spot for the Canada Goose! Sounds like a big game of duck-duck-duck-duck GOOSE if you ask me!! 


  On the uh, animals without wings side of things, the badger, muskrat, beaver, coyote, raccoon, red fox, mink, long-tailed weasel, porcupine and pronghorn are commonly observed in the forest. Oh deer, I almost forgot.. The… deer… hehe… as many as 400 mule deer and 200 elk have been spotted spending their winters in the forest.  So back to our hissssstory loving snakes, how many venomous snakes do you think live in the Arapaho Forest? s it,


A - 0, B - 1, or C - 5?

If you answered 0, you’ll be happy to know you won’t have to suck the poison out of anyone’s foot today! Another fun fact… the movie Red Dawn starring Charlie Sheen & Patrick Swayze was shot in the Arapaho National Forest.. In between games of duck-duck-goose of course! 

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