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28194 US-6, Dillon | Colorado

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

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Audio Excerpt

Founded in 1945, the A-Basin has been a favorite among ski enthusiasts like you for decades. Not only does it sport 108 trails and 8 lifts, but it’s steeeeeeeeppp. With a summit elevation soaring to 13,050 feet, the A-Basin’s... East Wall provides skiers with one of the highest skiable terrains in all of North America! 


Now personally, I’ve never felt the need to propel myself at break-neck speeds down the side of a snowy mountain covered in rocks and trees, but to each their own!


So the incredibly challenging terrain isn’t the only reason why skiers love the A-Basin. Due to the summit’s north-to-northeast face and soaring elevation, the snow stays longer, which allows the A-Basin to open early and stay open longer than other resorts.


So when do you think it usually stays open until? Is it,


A - May, B - June, or C - July?


The answer is B! All you crazy skiers can rock the mountain well into JUNE!


There’s that breathtaking view of the Continental Divide from the lifts, and from the East Wall, the mighty natural beauty of Lake Dillon, Loveland Pass, Montezuma, Keystone, and Breckenridge.

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