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banff hot springs alberta
FancyLady | Flickr | CC BY-ND 2.0
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1 Mountain Ave, Banff | Alberta

Banff Hot Springs

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Audio Excerpt

It’s time machine time!! The year is 1883, we’re a group of Canadian Pacific Railway employees working hard.. Well in my case hardly working..  on the side of Sulphur Mountain. During one of my many breaks, I trip and start tumbling but over tea-kettle down the mountain. I think to myself, this is it, this is how I go… when all of a sudden...splash! Right into a pool of water.. and the crazy thing .. it’s hot!! I just discovered the first hot spring! Visitors to Banff have me… ok fine, those CPR workers in 1883... to thank for the wonderfully relaxing hot springs they enjoy today!


Both tourists and locals have been enjoying the pure mineral water of the upper hot springs for over a hundred years!  There’s even a gondola ride that takes visitors to a boardwalk, restaurants and observation decks, all with unbelievable views! The lower hot springs, also known as the Cave and Basin National Historic Site, are a bit different. Unlike the Upper hot springs, tourists are.. Well, discouraged .. from swimming in them.  And by discouraged I mean... if you're caught... it’s a fine of up to $75,000 aaaaaand a year in jail! Sooo why do you think you can’t swim in them? Is it,


  1. Dangerous hydrothermal vents,

  2. Disrupting snail habitats or,

  3. Disrupting Gollum’s natural habitat?

If you guessed B, very nice.. high fiiiiiiiiive. The Banff Springs snail is only found in one spot on earth... the lower hot springs and is therefore, very fragile.  Swimming can disrupt their eggs and pollute the environment.. aaaand land you in jail.. So as much fun as swimming with the snails sounds.. Probably not the best idea!

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