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Castle Butte | Saskatchewan | Photo Grahampurse 

Big Muddy Badlands

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Audio Excerpt

Anyone feel like getting a little muddy?? Oh come on it’ll be fun! We can splash around in the puddles, make some mud pies.. Have a giant mud fight! If you're on this Tripvia Tour with kids, I fully understand if you're about to hit delete!  Ok well maybe we won’t go play in the mud, but we’re going to talk about it! The Big Muddy Badlands to be exact! In case you're wondering, the term ‘badlands’ refers to a stretch of heavily eroded, barren land with little to no vegetation.


The Big Muddy Badlands are located along Big Muddy Creek, which runs along the border South of here between Saskatchewan and Montana. The creek is found in the Big Muddy Valley… haha I told you we’d talk about mud!...  that was formed during the last ice age. Alright so we know when Big Muddy Creek was formed, but.. any idea why? Was it,

A) glacial melt B) playtime in the mud or C) wind erosion?


If you answered A, glacial melt, you my friend have a brrrrrrrrright future! The glacial meltwater channel formed during the last ice age and eventually created the valley. Many nomadic tribes called the valley home as it was an excellent place to hunt buffalo, harvest berries, have an abundant source of water and find shelter. Sounds like a great place to make a home… especially if you like playing in the mud!

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