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Biindigen Pavillion | Orillia, ON

Biindigen Pavillion

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In September 2015, the City of Orillia named the pavilion you see in front of you the Biindigen Pavilion as part of a series of activities carried out to mark the 400th’ anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s arrival in 1615. The naming ceremony recognized the French and First Nations relationship in the Orillia area.

Biindigen is the closest word in the Oh-jibway language for "welcome,” meaning "come on in.” City Council chose the name as a tribute to Chief Darontal, and Samuel de Champlain, on the occasion of their meeting. Records show that Champlain arrived at Cahiague, (near present-day Warminster), on August 17, 1615, and was welcomed into the village by Chief Darontal.

Chief Darontal was gracious in his greeting of Champlain, and as is still done today, the Chief and his community would have treated him and his men as honoured guests. Champlain later returned to Cahiague with the Chief, where he spent the winter before setting out for Quebec in 1616.

The Huron-Wendat were Champlain's host and guides throughout these expeditions and explorations. As noted in his journal, they took Champlain through the Narrows on September 1,1615.

"We set out from the village on the first day of September, and passed along the shore of a small lake... where they make great catches of fish which they preserve for the winter".

Champlain is speaking of Lake Coochiching and the Mijikahning fish weirs, which you'll learn about later on the tour. The pavilion was chosen for being a welcoming gathering place itself for family reunions, business picnics, and special events. The Biindigen pavilion was an important step for the City of Orillia in honouring this long-standing relationship with the Mijikahning (Rama) First Nations.

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