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bracebridge ontario

Perry Quan | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

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Bracebridge | Ontario

Bracebridge | Ontario

A point of interest on the Barrie to Muskoka Driving Tour, available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Hey folks...I snuck up a little bit ahead of the car...and I’m wet… I'm standing in the beautiful waterfall in the center of Bracebridge! can join me if you exit at the next interchange and head West…. Just let me get out of the falls so you can hear me....that's better....I could stand there all day, it’s like getting a massage from Aquaman! 


What a great idea, building a town around a waterfall. The town’s name came from a book titled Bracebridge Hall by Washington Irving.  Heeeeey...isn't that the guy that wrote Sleepy Hollow, the one about a headless horseman? 


The municipal boundaries of Bracebridge also encompasses smaller communities, like Falkenburg and Monsell--both reported to be ghost towns.  ok,...a little scared now...but with no reports of headless people...we can move on,...I'll just keep thinking about the waterfall--it makes feel happy and safe. 


Oh!...know what else makes me happy?


Santa's Village!... a Christmas theme park, established in 1955. "Christmas fun, under the summer sun". The theme park offers rides, shows, attractions, camping and of course, meeting the big guy himself.  So, what do you think the inspiration was that fueled the creation of Santa's Village?

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