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brandywine falls
Thomas Shahan | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Brandywine Falls | British Columbia

Brandywine Falls

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In a minute, you’ll see the entrance to Brandywine Falls Provincial Park.  If you have a few minutes to spare, I highly recommend a quick stop! A short 15 minute walk across a covered footbridge and through a serene forest will lead you to a viewing platform.  The platform was built in 2006 and is perched high on the edge of a volcanic escarpment.  From here, you’ll have an amazing view of the spectacular 70 metre high waterfall!  The short trail then continues to a second viewpoint of the falls and one of Daisy Lake the Black Tusk Mountain. There’s also 3 more hiking trails and 2 cycling trails if you feel like a longer stop! 


The walls that surround Brandywine Falls are composed of at least four basaltic lava flows, the earliest being 34,000 years old! What’s a basaltic lava flow you're surely wondering? Well it’s pretty simple in fact, it’s lava that cooled off and turned into volcanic rock! I’m sure you're also wondering how the waterfall got the interesting name, Brandywine?  Well, upon seeing the falls, two land surveyors had a bit of a... disagreement.. over the height of the falls. So what did they do? Well they bet on it of course! Any idea what the winner of the bet got? Was it,


A - A bottle of Wine, B - a bottle of Brandy, or, C - a bottle of Brandy flavoured wine?


The answer is B! After measuring the height of the falls with a chain, Bob Mollison presented Jack Nelson with a big ‘ol bottle of Brandy.  After which, the pair aptly named the falls Brandywine. 

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