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broadview saskatchewan

wagon16 | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

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Broadview | Saskatchewan


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Audio Excerpt

All towns have their war heroes, and the town you're passing through now, Broadview, is no exception!  Heroes can come in all shapes, sizes and well, species as animals from pigeons to dogs have all played important roles in past conflicts.  Recent films like Max and War Horse and many more chronicle the difference these animals can make in a war.


Although dogs and horses get all the Hollywood attention, there was one other animal that, well, was a little unlikely. Sergeant Bill, hailing from right here in Broadview, was a goat.  That’s right, a goat. Soldiers passing through here on their way to war met Bill, and liked him so much they enlisted him as a Sergeant and took him along!


Sergeant Bill’s primary role was to boost morale, however he did have one heroic act! What do you think it was? Was it,


  1. He pushed three soldiers into a trench saving them from a shell explosion.

  2. He crawled over to the enemy’s trenches and ate their attack plans.

  3. He headbutted a spy who snuck into the Canadian bunker at night.


The answer is B! Sergeant Bill really was a good luck charm, and legend has it, once he saved three soldiers from getting killed by pushing them into a trench!  Despite being injured several times, Sergeant Bill survived the war, paraded victoriously in Germany and returned to his hometown where he was reunited with his proud owner!

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