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the bruce walkng trail ontario

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bruce trail ontario
Map: Environmental Education Trips in the Niagara Region

Bruce Trail

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Audio Excerpt

Anyone feel like a little hike? Oh come on it’s only 890 meters!!  Wait a second, is that.. Is that a k?? One second, let me get my spectacles… oh jeeze.. wow... ya that’s not 890 meters, it’s 890 kilometers!


Yaaaa I think I’m going to take a passadina on that one… but The Bruce Trail is waiting if you folks feel like a little stroll! Not long enough eh? No need to worry! There’s an additional 400 kilometres of side trails to enjoy!


The trail runs from the Niagara River all the way up to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. The Bruce Trail was named after the Bruce Peninsula, the Bruce Peninsula was named after Bruce County and Bruce County was named after… after… well what do you think?

If you answered James Bruce, you sure know your Earls of Elgin!  James Bruce, the 8th Earl of Elgin, was the Governor General of the Province of Canada from 1847 to 1854! 


Today, the Bruce Trail hosts a number of adventure races, many of which raise money for charity. In 2014, Jim Willett set the record for the fastest person to hike all 890 kilometres of the trail. He completed it in just over 10 days, raising money for The Canadian Parks And Wilderness Society…. Oh and one more thing.. He did it alone!! That’s impressive..  I can’t even walk to to the bathroom at night without a nightlight!! 

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