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burmese sculpture regina wascana
By Daryl_mitchell Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
Wascana Place, Regina, Saskatchewan

Burmese Sculpture

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Audio Transcript

So, have you ever seen a statue of a queen riding a horse before? Well now you have! You're looking at a statue of her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second, riding her favorite horse Burmese. Unveiled by the queen in 2005 during Saskatchewan's centennial, it's a bronze statue sculpted by artists Susan Valder.

Burmese was foaled at the royal Canadian Mounted Police remount ranch at Fort Walsh Saskatchewan. She was trained in Ottawa, and in 1969 was presented to the queen when members of the royal Canadian Mounted Police came to the UK to perform in the royal Windsor horse show.

In 1981, the queen was riding Burmese during a ceremony called trooping the colour when 6 shots were fired at her. Although the shots were blanks, the horse was startled, but the queen was able to bring her under control. Burmese's last public appearance was at trooping the colour in 1986, after which she retired.

She was not replaced as the queen decided to ride in a carriage and review the troops from dais, rather than train a new horse. Perhaps she should have enlisted the services of Queen Daeyrneys, mother of dragons. Can you imagine the queen reviewing the troops on a fire breathing dragon. Now that would be impressive. That's a Game of Thrones reference for all those scratching their heads right now. 

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