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CFB Borden | Angus, ON

Canadian Forces Base Borden

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Audio Excerpt

Surprisingly, that’s not my one person band's hit single Hot Sauce, it’s the Royal Canadian Air Force March Past song!  Just 15 kilometres South-West of here sits Canadian Forces Base Borden, the historic birthplace of the Royal Canadian Air Force!


In 1917, in support of World War One, Borden was home to the Royal Flying Corps Canada, the country's first military aviation training organization.  After the war, in 1929, Canada’s first aerobatic flying team was also established at Camp Borden. Any aviation enthusiasts out there know the name of the team?


If you answered the Siskins, you must be an aviation buff! Orrrr maybe you're just a Tripvia buff! Hey maybe you're just buff in general and your buffness is all encompassing! I’ll tell you one thing that’s pretty buff though… tanks!! In 1938 Camp Borden added the Canadian Tank School!


Tank School eh… sounds way more fun than the school I went to!  I bet they play all sorts of fun tank games at recess, like tank tag... tank hide-and-seek.. Tank dodge ball…

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