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canmore driving tour
Jan Mosimann | Flickr | CC BY-ND 2.0
Canmore | Alberta


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Audio Excerpt

We’re currently passing through the town of Big Head... sort of.... it’s actually called Canmore.. Which really means big head..  here’s the story.... So the town was named after Malcolm the 3rd of Scotland, who was nicknamed Canmore. So what did the nickname mean? Well in Gaelic... Canmore means Big Head and Malcom the 3rd.. well I’m guessing had a, well.. large, cranium.  So Canmore was named after a dude with a really big head.. How’s that for a fun fact!?


 Speaking of big things, Canmore itself is getting a bit TOO big. Canmore’s city council is concerned that it’s growing urban development will negatively impact the provincial and national parks nearby and have agreed to limit the growth of the town.  This is definitely for the best as much of Canmore is a designated wildlife corridor… and do they REALLLLY need another Mickey D’s??? I mean come on! Enough is enough! Whoa….. I just got a VERY menacing look from the driver, note to self.. Do not mention the availability of fast food again or I miiiight get deleted…. Soooo, what do you think a wildlife corridor is anyways? Is it, 


  1. built around the mountains to help animals navigate the rough and rugged terrain,

  2. established to help animals move between habitat patches or

  3. Kind of like a highway for animals, complete with passing and carpool lanes?

The answer is B! Wildlife corridors help animals such as bears, cougars, wolves and elk safely cross highways and move between habitat patches. .. however the lack of road kill has forced fast food restaurants to look elsewhere for meat... oh right...nevermind.. Sorry driver...

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