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Caronport | Saskatchewan


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Audio Excerpt

Ah… the open road… isn’t it soooo… endless? I have to admit, I’ve seen staring out the window at the beautiful Canadian countryside. Isn’t it great how it just goes on forever? And ever, and ever and… Oh wait.. I smell Civilization!  Just North of the highway lies Caronport, the largest village in Saskatchewan! With a population of 919, it is actually larger than most towns, the next level in the Canadian municipal hierarchy. 


Speaking of which, can you name another type of municipality in Canada?


 Is it A) Hamlet B) Party Zone C) Community?

 Could you imagine if they had designated Party Zones in Canada!? That would be super fun! .. I would make the best Party Mayor, don’t you think!?? We could play Tripvia and you could hear my fantastic jokes alllllllll day long!! Haha, well maybe one day, but unfortunately, that’s not the answer. The real answer is A, Hamlets. Caronport may seem like a village in the middle of nowhere, but it actually has a storied history! Its name comes from World War II, when a British Commonwealth Training Base for pilots was located about a mile away from the present day village. The training facility became Caronport when in 1946  the Briercrest Bible Institute  purchased the military facility. The fabricated name came from CARON and AIRPORT. The town I’m from has a pretty neat history too!  The local arcade has the highest Frogger score in the state... from May of 1982…. for the 34-36 year old recreational category… hey every town has SOMETHING special about it right!?

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