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Joe Mabel | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Chaplin | Saskatchewan

Chaplin Lake

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Audio Excerpt

If you look to the South East, you’ll see Chaplin Lake!  While it may not look all that big, it’s actually the second largest of it’s kind in Canada at over 20 square kilometres.  You're probably wondering what, ‘of it’s kind’ means.. Well Chaplin Lake is a saline lake, meaning it has a high concentration of salt, over 3 grams of salt per litre.  Salt water isn’t the only cool thing about the lake though, as you may have noticed some birds hanging out on the shore... You’ll never guess what their name is… yep, Shorebirds. Wow I wonder how they came up with that one!? Shorebirds line the mudflats on the shores of the lake to forage for food... but what do you think that food is? Is the food,


 A) grass and ants,

 B) a strict paleo diet to keep them slim,

 or C) insects and crustaceans?


The correct response is C, insects and crustaceans! Shorebirds find them in the mud and sand along the shore of the lake.  They love this big bug buffet so much that Chaplin Lake was designated as a Western Hemispheric Shorebird Reserve Network in 1997! This designation keeps the lake, or Crab Cafe as the Shorebirds like to call it, protected and safe!  I’m just curious where the bucket of melted butter to dip the crab in is kept!?

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