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coldwater severn

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coldwater severn township
Coldwater | Severn, Ontario

Coldwater / Severn

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Hey in just a few seconds you'll come up on an intersection at Vassey Road...go east from there and you'll end up in the town of Coldwater. 


It's a neat little town with a rich history...Chief John Aisance and his band of Chippewa's settled there and called the place *Gissinausebing...which means Cold Water. 


In 1833 they built a grist mill, which the Native people owned! Just when things were going well, the grist mill was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. Timber supply was depleted, so it wasn't rebuilt and the village went into decline.


Speaking of Coldwater, you might need a little splashed on you if you head to Port Stanton, Sparrow lake and Severn Falls...a few steamy, sexy locations nearby where the TV series Paradise Falls was shot. (audio from trailer)... Sooo what’s Paradise Falls?


Well, it’s a TV show that started in 2001 and aired for 3 seasons. Allow me to describe it in my best dramatic movie trailer voice. 


“Muskoka cottage life is not as it seems in this quaint tourist town. Beneath its idyllic surface, lurks scandal, murder, deceit, betrayal, steamy love affairs and political intrigue.” .. wow .. sounds.. dramatic.. ok.. moving on

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