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Collingwood | ON


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Welcome to Collingwood! This area was originally inhabited by the Iroquois until the arrival of the Europeans around 1840.  It’s widely known that as Europeans began to inhabit the area, they brought their religion and culture with them.  Well, they weren’t the only new arrivals to do this!


The greater Simcoe area was a terminal point for the underground railroad! Newly freed slaves, along with their unique religion, culture, clothing and architecture began populating the area! In fact, Collingwood wasn’t named until the new arrivals...uh arrived.. so what do you think it was named after?


If you answered Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, you're ready to set sail for the high seas! Admiral Collingwood was commander of the British fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar in the Napoleonic war.  Soooo let me get this straight, the town of Collingwood was named after someone who never came to the area orrr contributed in any way to it’s development.. Hmm guess they were pretty desperate to find a name. 


They did have options though! The area originally had several other names associated with it, including: Hurontario, Nottawa and funny enough, Hens-and-Chickens Harbour! The interesting name referred to one large and four small islands in the bay.


Hmmm.. Collingwood… Hens-and-Chickens Harbour… Collingwood … Hens-and-Chickens Harbour..  Well I don’t know what they were thinking, I think the best name is pretty obvious! 

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