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17155 W 44th Ave, Golden | Colorado

Colorado Railroad Museum

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Audio Excerpt

Pop quiz.. What kind of a train was I impersonating so well!? Oh I’m too excited to wait .. it was a late 19th century steam powered British built but American operated locomotive called ‘John Bull’.. But I’m sure you knew that! You can see lot’s of exciting trains like that just a couple minutes South of here at the Colorado Railroad Museum!  Established in 1959, the museum helps preserve Colorado’s more uhhh.. Flamboyant.. Railroad era.. No they didn’t dress their train cars up like Prince or George Michaels.. That would have been awesome.. But they did pioneer creative ways of traversing the mountainous areas, like using narrow gauge mountain railroads and scary looking train bridges. 


  The museum’s building itself is a replica of a 1880’s style railroad depot, complete with a working telegraph! The exhibition hall has seasonal and traveling displays featuring railroading history while the library houses over 10,000 rare historical artifacts, pictures and books! Oh and to truly get your nerd on, the lower level has a perfectly scaled model train layout representing Colorado’s rail history! The museum opened a roundhouse in 2000.. Uhh any idea what a roundhouse is? Is it,


  1. a building used to service and store locomotives

  2. A circular building that helps load trains with goods as they slowly move around it,

  3. A training facility to keep train staff in shape that focused on teaching the roundhouse kick?

If you answered A, building to service and store locomotives, 

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