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Copper Mountain
vxla | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Copper Mountain | Colorado

Copper Mountain

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Audio Excerpt

Travelling east? Look to the south! Travelling west? Look south of the highway, after the big bend ahead! Behold the majesty of Copper Mountain!

Once the setting for a seriously iconic film from 1994 —

But that’s not all Copper is known for…. Man, I forgot how funny that movie is. Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? .. Ok ok, I’ll stop now..


What were we talking about again? Oh, right, yes — Copper Mountain!

In 1976, Copper Mountain was also the home of the World Cup, but I mean, do soccer and snow really go all that well together? Seems problematic. Ohhhhhhh. It was skiing, not soccer. That makes waaayy more sense. Additionally, the mountain is also the home for… alright… let’s see if I can get this out -- the Colorado Cyclist Copper Triangle Alpine Cycling Classic -- whew!


How is anyone supposed to remember that? There’s no way they fit that on one sign! This event is really cool, though. It benefits the Davis Phinney Foundation, an organization that benefits a great cause, any idea what it is?

A) Parkinson’s Disease, B) Skiers That Run Into Trees, or C) Wildlife Preservation & Rescue?


The Colorado Cyclist Copper Triangle Alpine Cycling Classic, running since 2005, dedicates its proceeds to improving the lives of those with Parkinson’s Disease. Such a great cause really makes spitting out that crazy long title worth it, doesn’t it? Now that that’s done, anyone up for a Big Gulp?

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