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port of orillia
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Port of Orillia | Orillia, ON

Port of Orillia

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Audio Excerpt

Welcome to the Port of Orillia! As you have probably noticed, with two lakes on either side, Orillia is surrounded by a lot of water! Both Lake Coochiching and Lake Simcoe act as big, blue, beautiful magnets, pulling in summer loving visitors from far and wide!

Anyone who loves to canoe, stand up paddleboard, motorboat, fish, swim, pontoon, wakeboard, tube, waterski, or really anyone who just loves to sit on the dock in a muskoka chair, with a delicious and refreshing beverage in hand, watching everyone else do all those things, will fall in love with orillia.

And wouldn't you know it, the romance happens Every summer, as thousands of boaters dock at one of the port's 206 boat slips. For many, Orillia is a destination in itself; but for others, it's a special stop on a voyage through the historic 386 kilometre long Trent-Severn Waterway. The Port of Orillia is actually known as the Jewel of the Trent!

Whether the Port of Orillia is the destination, or just a pitstop, it, boats, a lot of stuff to do! Did you catch that? I said boats, instead of boasts. I've been working on my boating puns. What do you sink? There's scenic trails, a sandy beach, picnic areas, free Sunday evening concerts and even a delightful replica steam train for kids of all ages. On top of all that, the Port of Orillia is just steps away from great dining and shopping in Downtown Orillia. If you're listening to this on a visit, I highly recommend a stroll up Mississauga Street.

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