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BriYYZ | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

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Moose Mountain Prov Park | Saskatchewan

Moose Mountain Provincial Park

A point of interest on the Moose Jaw to Manitoba Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Seen any moose lately? How about any mountains? Probably not eh, both are prettttty rare in Saskatchewan I’d say! Well, Moose are actually quite abundant, but it’s pretty rare to actually see one! Funny enough, you're only about 30 minutes North of Moose Mountain Provincial Park!


Although the name ‘mountain’, is probably a bit of a stretch, it still has an elevation of 850 meters, 200 meters above the surrounding terrain!  The park is over 40,000 hectares and is one of Saskatchewan's first provincial parks!


The park offers camping, hiking, swimming, boating, golf, tennis and daily programs for park visitors! 


The park is also close to something called the Kenosee Superslides… sounds.. Super fun.. But what do you think it means?


Is it,


  1. a water park 

  2. a snow tubing adventure or,

  3. a movie theatre showing the world's longest, and most boring slideshows?


So the Kenosee Superslides are a) a waterpark, b) snow tubing or c) slideshows?


The answer is A! The Kenosee Superslides is a waterpark located between Kenosee Lake and Muskrat Lake!  Muskrat Lake eh…. anyone fancy a swim?

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