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Cypress Hills Destination Area | Saskatchewan

Cypress Hills Destination Area

A point of interest on the Moose Jaw to Alberta Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Anyone gotta pee?  Of course someone does! It’s a road trip and it’s been a grand total of 34 minutes since you last stopped! Well I know the perfect place, you just have to uh.. Hold it for another 20 minutes or so! A short drive South to Cypress Hills Inter-provincial Park is all that stands between you and beautiful forests, wetlands, grasslands and wildlife.. Oh and being able to pee of course! Cypress Hills is Canada’s only Inter-provincial park as it lies in both Saskatchewan and Alberta!  Check out the stop description for directions and more information!


Cypress Hills is also home to the highest point in Saskatchewan, called Lookout Point.  At 1,392 metres above sea level, it’s actually the highest elevation between Labrador and the Rocky Mountains!  Cypress Hills makes an excellent day trip as park staff run educational programs for the whole family! The park is also pretty awesome at night as it’s designated as a Dark Sky Preserve, meaning … meaning… well what is the meaning?


Is a dark sky preserve,


  1. An area with a low number of stars & therefore a very dark sky

  2. An area with little to no light pollution or

  3. An area that sells Dark Sky preserves made, and possibly cursed, by a local shaman?

If you answered B, no light pollution, grab you your telescope and let’s go! A Dark Sky Preserve limits the amount of light pollution from man made sources.  The result is some spectacular star gazing! But uh… if you see a big, round floating object with a beam of light coming down.. maybe don’t go near it..

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