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Cypress Hills Destination Area | Saskatchewan
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Cypress Hills Massacre

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Audio Excerpt

Ooo, anyone else feel it get really cold in here?  Oh jeeze, the hairs on the back of my neck just stood up… I feel like someone.. Or… some… thing… is watching us.  I don’t want to alarm you but… I think there might be a ghost in the car! Hmm, it does make sense as we are near the site of the infamous Cypress Hills Massacre.  Haven’t heard a good ghost story in a while? Ok, well I’m a little scared myself but I’ll try to tell it! On June 1st, 1873, a group of fur traders murdered an estimated 20 native Assiniboine people. The story goes that the natives had stolen the fur-traders horses in an attempt to reclaim their property. There had been previous run-ins between the men and the natives, and the fur-traders were prepared to resort to violence in order to take back what they felt was theirs. The tragic confrontation became known as the Cypress Hills Massacre and the event prompted the Canadian government to speed up the establishment of the police force in the area.  


Any idea what the name of the police force was? Was it,


A) The Battle Creek Sheriff’s Guard 

B) the A-Team at Cypress Hills or

C) the North-West Mounted Police?


 The answer is C, the North- West Mounted Police. While the area was once named Battle Creek, the North-West Mounted Police was established to help control the North-West territories, which is right here where Saskatchewan is today! Now come on, let’s get out of here… Not that I’m scared. I just have to, uh, use the bathroom.. A well lit bathroom.

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