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cypress mountain ski resort
Kevin Teague | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Strait of Georgia | British Columbia

Cypress Mountain Ski Resort

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We’re just a few kilometres away from Cypress Mountain Ski Resort. I know I know, you're probably going to Whistler.. I’m not saying don’t go.. DEFINITELY GO. just pointing it out! Heck if you're on your way back from Whistler, why not go for round 2!! Cypress Mountain has 53 alpine runs, 19 kilometres of cross country trails and night skiing! The downhill runs are built on two mountains, the 1440 metre high Mount Strachan and the 1200 metre high Black Mountain. 


 Sooo it’s called Cypress Mountain, but there’s no Cypress Mountain.. Hmmm… that’s a little weird, right!? Well it’s true! No Cypress Mountain, but there is a ‘Cypress Bowl’!  The Cypress Bowl is in the middle of the Black, Strachan and Hollyburn mountains and was actually the original name of the resort. So why the change? I’m guessing skiing on a mountain is a bit more marketable than skiing in a bowl!  Cypress Mountain hosted the Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding events at the 2010 Winter Olympics, where one of the snowboarding events made it’s Olympic debut.  Think you can guess what event it was? Was it,


A) Half-pipe, B) Snowboard Slalom or, C) Snowboard cross?

If you guessed C, snowboard cross, you must be a snowboarder, not one of those lame-o skiers! On March 15th, 1987, Cypress Mountain was actually the first ski resort in BC to allow snowboarding at all! Back to the Olympics.. it was a warm winter and only days before the games were scheduled to start, the resort had almost no snow!  They had to use helicopters and transport trucks to bring snow in from higher elevations so the games could start on time! 

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