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driving and walking tour south winnipeg manitoba audio
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The Sights

of South Winnipeg

a smartphone audio driving & walking tour

Winnipeg, Manitoba | $8.49


Discover the Sights of South Winnipeg with our half day Signature Tour!

You'll embark on a narrated driving tour with turn by turn directions and explore four incredible attractions on foot! 

Tour Highlights

 University of Manitoba

Trappist Monastery Ruins 

St. Norbert Heritage Park

Red River Floodway Lookout

St. Norbert Church

Aisle Ritchot

King's & La Barriere Park

Place St. Norbert + more!

Listen to some examples from the tour!

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Sights of South Winnipeg

Average Customer Rating

4.6/5 -> 5 Total Reviews


Jun 16, 2023


A fun, descriptive way to see some unusal sites that we wouldn't have found on our own!


No comments.

Jul 6, 2023

Jun 14, 2023


This driving tour was a fun way to get to see parts of Winnipeg, and surrounding area, we otherwise wouldn't have seen! Well done!


No comments.

Jul 29, 2023


Points of Interest

live GPS map + audio automatically plays

Listen while you drive | explore on foot

University of Manitoba

Investors Group Field

Wayne Fleming Arena

St. Paul & St. John's Colleges

Wallace Building

Duff Roblin Building

Chancellor's Hall

Tier Building

Information Technology Building

Farmers Fields

Administration Building

Buller Building

Tache Hall

Faculty of Agriculture & Food Sciences

King's Park


Chinese Pagoda

Carol Shields Labyrinth

Blue Bombers

Bridge Mural

Southwood Golf Club

Pollock Island

Sunny St. Norbert

St. Norbert Church

Flood of the Century

Four Pillars of Life

The Final Four

Community Centre

St.Norbert Farmers Market

Place St. Norbert

Aisle Ritchot

Trappist Monastery

The Vision

Daily Life

World Peace Pagoda

Guest House

St. Norbert Arts Centre

Food, Water & Beer

A Life of Meditation

Trappist Origins


The End of a Chapter

Northern Tall Grasslands

La Barriere Park

Camp Amisk

Z Dike

Winnipeg Speedway

Red River Drive & Voyageurs

Pembina Trail Marker

Floodway Lookout

St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park

Bohemier House

Turenne House


Delorme House

Land of Plenty

Outdoor Refridgerator

Pembina Trail

Alexander Henry the Younger

Household Plants

Red River Cart

St. Norbert History

The tour is family & dog friendly, and offers ample opportunity for recreational activities including disc golf (bring your own frisbees)!

Image by Brydon McCluskey

How it Works

hands free + audio 

automatically plays

audio tours play based

on GPS location

fun trivia questions

add to the fun

easy navigation with

live GPS maps

professional tour guides

family friendly

no data used on tour 

no signal required

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