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Smartphone 'Scootsee' Scooter Tour

Drumheller, Alberta |  $ 19/pers

Image by Birk Enwald

Explore the historic heart of Alberta's dinosaur country with our 'Scootsee' Drumheller Scooter Tour! 

This unique, 1-hour long immersive experience invites you to hop on a scooter and discover the magic of Drumheller, all while utilizing your very own smartphone.

Cruise past the historic landmarks like the Old Railroad and Gordon Taylor Bridge, marvel at the majestic Hoodoos and the breathtaking Hills of Drumheller.


Immerse yourself in the rich history by learning about the Indigenous peoples who've lived here for centuries, the Drumheller Cemetery and Old Courthouse.

You'll experience true natural beauty as you cruise the Red Deer River Nature Trail and discover the Badlands River Parks System. And of course, no visit to Drumheller is complete without encountering the iconic World's Largest Dinosaur.

With all these incredible attractions and even a touch of Ghostbusters nostalgia from "Afterlife," get ready for an unforgettable adventure on your scooter tour in Drumheller!

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Drumheller Scooter Tour Booking Link

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12 fully narrated points of interest | Drumheller, AB

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Points of Interest

live GPS map + audio automatically plays

Colonel Samuel Drumheller

The Old Railroad

Drumheller Cemetery

Hills of Drumheller

Red Deer River Nature Trail


Badlands River Parks System

World's Largest Dinosaur

Gordon Taylor Bridge

First Nations Peoples

The Old Courthouse

Court of King's Bench and Provincial Court

Ghostbusters - Afterlife


Atlas coal mine Drumheller audio walking tour
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