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Pasqua Lake | Saskatchewan

Echo Valley Provincial Park

A point of interest on the Moose Jaw to Manitoba Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Hello? Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me? Yodel yodel lay he hooo….. Hmmm I probably need some yodeling practice don’t I?  Well unless you’ve spent some time in the Swiss Alps lately, I’m guessing you could use some practice too! Just a 20 minute drive North on Highway 35 lies Echo Valley Provincial Park, where you can get all the yodeling practice you want! 


Aside from annoying other visitors, I mean yodeling, you can also hit the beach for some swimming, go fishing, play on the playground, volleyball or mini-golf courses, do some barbecuing or even go on a 3 km nature hike.. And then when you realize how much fun it is you can grab a campsite and stay longer!


Situated in the famous Qu’Appelle Valley, the view from Echo beach is truly amazing and looks out onto the beautiful Echo Valley on all sides. The park is actually located between two lakes, Echo Lake and Pasqua Lake so visitors can enjoy two different beach and lake experiences.  The nearby resort town of B-Say-Tah, yes you heard that right, B-Say-Tah, is home to a fish hatchery that introduces a large number of fish each year into over 200 Saskatchewan Lakes. How many fish do you think they produce each year? Is it, 


  1. 1 million

  2. 50 million or

  3. 1 billion?


If you answered B, well done! The fish hatchery at B-Say-Tah introduces an average of 50 million fish into Saskatchewan lakes each year and makes fishing on Echo or Pasqua Lakes very good! Refer to the stop description for more info on Echo Valley Park!

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