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edenvale aerodrome

Ken Mist | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

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5195 Hwy 26 | Stayner, ON

Edenvale Aerodrome

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Audio Excerpt

Take a look to the South and you’ll see the Edenvale Aerodrome! Oh.. and you’ll also see the Aero S-103, an ex-Czechoslovakian MiG-15bisSB..(pause)... yeaaaa.. it’s the fighter jet on a stick out front. 


 The Edenvale Aerodrome has kind of an.. On again off again relationship with the Canadian military.  The relationship started off strong! In 1940 the aerodrome was used by the RCAF, the Royal Canadian Air Force, to support flight training at Camp Borden. 


Unfortunately, a messy breakup was not far behind as in 1945, the aerodrome, in a fit of jealous rage, destroyed all the RCAF buildings and kicked them out!  Soon after, Edenvale picked itself up and started seeing other airplanes.. Civilian airplanes!


However, in 1962, after 17 years apart, the spark was reignited as the military moved back in to operate a remote radio communications outlet.  The military also built a Diefenbunker at Edenvale.

During the Cold War, Prime Minister Diefenbaker built 50 Diefenbunkers to protect government officials in the event of a nuclear attack! Well.. back to our love story.. as you can probably see.. the Edenvale Aerodrome and the Canadian Military didn’t fly off into the sunset together.. The final breakup was made official in 1994.  After 10 long years, in 2004 Edenvale started seeing other airplanes again and I’m happy to say, is now an established civilian aerodrome!

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