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Eduard Beaupre | Saskatchewan

Eduard Beaupre

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Audio Excerpt

And in the red corner, standing 7… foot…. 8… that’s right folks I said SEVEN foot 8, weighing in at 362 pounds…. From Willow Bunch Saskatchewan it’s Eduarrrrrrrd Beaaauuupprreeeee 


Eduard Beaupre was a wrestler, strongman and freak show star in the popular Barnum and Bailey’s travelling circus. One of the tallest men recorded in history at seven foot eight inches, he was one of 20 children and was over six feet tall by the age of nine!


He was actually a pretty good horseman, but had to give up the trade at 17 because he was then over SEVEN feet tall, much too big to be jumping on horses! During his circus shows, he would display his brute strength by bending iron bars and, well instead of riding horses, he was lifting horses onto his shoulders!


Later, he decided to trade in the horses for humans and traveled to Montreal to take up wrestling!


And in the blue corner, standing nearly 2 feet shorter and weighing 365 pounds, from  Saint-Cyprien-de-Napierville, Quebec, known as the strongest man to ever live.. It’s …. It’s…. Oh shoot… i forget… well this is embarrassing.. think you can help me out?? Beaupre’s most famous wrestling match came took place in Montreal in 1901 against..


A) Braun Strowman B) Andre the Giant or C) Louis Cyr? 


The answer to this one is C, Louis Cyr! At only 5’8, a full 2 feet shorter than Beaupre, you’d think it would be an easy match for Beaupre right!?


Well surprisingly, Cyr won! I guess it’s not that crazy considering the Chairman of the International Bodybuilding Federation called Cyr the strongest man to have EVER lived!! 

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