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Eisenhower Tunnel Colorado
James Barrett | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Eisenhower Tunnel | Colorado

Eisenhower Tunnel

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Audio Excerpt

So if you’re heading to the East things are about to get a little uhhhh dark.. Aaand if you’re heading to the West.. well congratulations, you’ve already made it through all 8,960 scary feet of  darkness!


The Eisenhower tunnel is actually the highest in the world at 11,000 feet above sea level!  So the tunnel actually has a pretty cool safety feature!


Sensors at each entrance to the tunnel will activate if a vehicle taller than the posted height attempts to enter the tunnel.  Pretty smart right!? So what do you think happens when the sensors pick up a vehicle that’s too tall?  Is it this, a guard built into the road rises and re-routes the vehicle off the highway, or that, traffic lights turn red stopping all traffic from entering?


The answer is that, traffic lights prevent all vehicles from entering the tunnel until ‘ol Too Tall Tommy the truck leaves the highway.  This can cause some prettttttty lengthy traffic delays so.. Wait a tick…. Maybe your in a traffic delay now… uh no.. that’s devastating!


This could be last time we spend together for awhile.. This is SO sad.. Just… try to be strong .. We’ll get through this..  It’s just temporary ok…  I’ll be back soon.. Never let gooooooooo

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