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Elmvale Jungle Zoo | Ontario

Elmvale Jungle Zoo

A point of interest on the GTA to Georgian Bay Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Was that a lion? Where is it? Do you guys see it? Is it chasing us? I hear those things are pretty fast. Did you lock the doors? Is it bullet proof glass?Does this have a roll cage? What about a tranquilizer gun? Somebody? Anybody?


 Okay okay everyone just calm down, that was just a test. I wanted to see what your wild animal on the loose emergency protocol was. I had everything under control, no matter what it smells like I did not spoil myself I promise you that.


That lion you heard came from the Elmvale Jungle Zoo, a short 10 minutes drive to the East. Actually I'm not too sure if that roar was from a lion or a tiger or maybe a jaguar. Well, if we head to the zoo we can find out! The Elmvale Jungle Zoo has lions, tigers, jaguars and over 300 exotic animals from around the world, even monkeys and lemurs!


Lemurs come from a very exotic place indeed, any idea where that is? 


If you answered Madagascar, well done lemurs are endemic to the African island of Madagascar. Who has 2 thumbs and does not know what endemic means? This gal! Well, you can't see me but I am pointing at myself right now rest assured. And Google to the rescue! So let's see, endemic means a species is only found in one place or in a defined geological zone like the island of Madagascar! 

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