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exshaw alberta
TracyLeigh | Flickr | CC BY-ND 2.0
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Exshaw | Alberta


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Audio Excerpt

In a few seconds you’ll see a small lake, and if you look across the lake to the North you’ll see a large factory! Along with a number of other plants and quarries, that cement factory is part of the main industry in the community of Exshaw.  The community was actually part of Banff National Park not too long ago with the entrance only a few kilometers away… hmm probably a smart move to change that.. a massive smoke spewing factory doesn’t exactly scream ‘be one with nature’ after all!


The Hamlet Exshaw was named after Sir Sanford Fleming’s son, William Exshaw.  Sir Sanford Fleming was a Scottish Canadian engineer and inventor who, among other things, proposed worldwide standard time zones, designed Canada’s first postage stamp, worked tirelessly on surveying and map making and engineered much of the Canadian Pacific Railway… sounds like quite the busy bee.. And you know what they say.. The busy bee always get’s the honey.. Which in this case was getting to name Exshaw!  So just to the South-East of Exshaw there’s a mountain that people uhh.. do something special on… any idea what it might be!? Is it,


A - Propose, B -Take a selfie, or C - Get Married?


If you answered C, get married, well you my busy bee get ALL the honey! Wellll unless more than one of you got it right theeeeen, well I guess your just gonna have to share! This mountain is so popular for weddings because it’s actually shaped like a heart! The name of the mountain.. Yep, Heart mountain! 

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