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Frequently Asked Questions
Driving Tours

 1) How do I get a tour?

Find the app in your app store and download it.  Once installed, you can search through all the available tours and download them individually. 


2) How do I start a tour?

Once you've downloaded and installed, tap on 'Start Tour' and your on your way! 

3) How much data will this use?

Tours are under 100mb to download and it's recommended that you download them while connected to WIFI.  Once installed, no data is used during the tour!

4) How do the driving tours work?

Tripvia is best experienced by connecting your phone or tablet to your vehicles stereo system via Bluetooth or Aux cord, although it will work just fine through the device's speakers or with headphones.  When you enter a point of interests geo-fence, the audio will play automatically.

5) Does the direction of travel matter?

Not at all.  It doesn't matter if your coming or going, Tripvia will work just fine!


6) How does the map work?

The arrow icon will cycle through the following options: centering the map on your location, automatic scrolling and zooming out to see the whole route. 

 7) The audio isn't playing...HELP!!!!?

a) Make sure 'Show location alerts' and  'play stop audio' are checked (they are by default).

b) On rare occasions you could experience a weak or lost GPS signal.  If that happens and you miss a question, you can tap on the icon and play it manually.  It's recommended to either stop and do this or wait until the end however as it will prevent any new questions from playing while the audio is on...resulting in a never ending cycle of missing a question, playing it manually, missing another question, playing it manually, missi... you get the picture.


d) Slow down! We don't want to tell you how to live your life, but Tripvia is designed based on a maximum of 20 km/hr over the speed limit.  Faster than this will trigger the next question before the previous one is done and it won't play. 


Tripvia Topics


Mo Money Mo Progress





Industry, commerce and progress


Nature, animals, things around you


Blast from the Past






Historical facts & figures


Gotta Pee?

Things to do (because if you gotta stop,

you might as well do something fun)

Popular Peeps






Guess the popular person from the hints 

This or That?





One question, two options



If you're the driver, don't fiddle with the app or look when we tell you to.  Ok ok, that's no fun, you can look.. BUT DON'T STARE! It's rude and unbecoming.  Seriously, keep your eyes on the road and be safe!