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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Tripvia Tours uses a technology called geo-fencing. When you enter a geo-fence, your GPS location triggers the audio clip that tells you all about where you are.

How much data does it use?

It depends on the size of the tour. It will tell you before you download it. Once the tour is downloaded (which you can do on WIFI), it doesn't use any data during the tour.

Do I need a good mobile signal?

You don't need ANY signal! As long as your GPS location is active, it will still work. In fact, putting your device into airplane mode with GPS location on is a good way to conserve battery.

What's the best way to listen to the audio?

For driving tours, hooking your device up to the vehicle's stereo system via AUX cord or Bluetooth is the way to go! Caution - Android Auto sometimes causes interference. If your having issues with the audio not playing just disconnect and use Bluetooth / AUX.

For walking tours, you can play the audio directly from the device or use earbuds. You could even use a Bluetooth speaker and blast it for everyone to hear if you really wanted to!

Do I have to listen to the audio?

The driving tours are built for audio, but the walking tours have the transcript on each stop description so you can read instead if you like. It's not nearly as fun though!

How does the trivia aspect work? Do I have to play?

It depends on the type of tour. For driving tours, the tour guide will ask you the multiple choice trivia question on each point of interest. You can keep score or just listen along, it's up to you. The walking tour trivia is on the device itself. Just tap on the icon on the map and select 'Trivia Question'. It will keep score for you so you can see how you did and challenge your friends. The questions are related to the tour your doing, so it's a fun way to learn even more. Both trivia options are completely optional.

The audio didn't play. Help!

Technology is great, but it's not perfect. There could be a couple reasons a point of interest didn't play. The two most common reasons are a weak GPS signal or the previous audio still playing when you enter the new geo-fence. Don't worry though, if your on a walking tour and this happens you can just tap on the icon on the map and manually play the audio. If this happens on a driving tour you can either skip the point of interest or stop and play it manually.

What kind of data do you collect?

We don't collect any data.

What's the catch for the free tours?

No catch! Free tours were created jointly by us and the town / city they are located in. They pay a monthly fee to us to create & host the tour. They pay and you benefit!

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