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fort qu'appelle saskatchewan

Joe Mabel | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

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Fort Qu'Appelle | Saskatchewan

Fort Qu'Appelle

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Audio Excerpt

Bonjour, for this question you will need to know your Francais! You're currently 50 km’s South of the beautiful town of Fort Qu’Appelle, which is NOT to be confused with the nearby town of Qu’Appelle. 


No one really knows what happens if you DO confuse them, buuuut do you really want to find out?? Fort Qu’Appelle was originally established in 1864 as a Hudson's Bay Company trading post and now has approximately 2000 inhabitants. So, what do you think ‘Qu’Appelle’ means anyways? Is it,

A) Hilly Valley

B) Beautiful Place or

C) River that calls?

So Qu’Appelle means, a) hilly valley, b) beautiful place or c) river that calls?

The correct answer is… C! If you got it right, tres bien!


That’s very good in French! Not only is ‘Qu’Appelle’ French but it is also derived from its Cree name, ‘kah-tep-was’ meaning ‘river that calls’.


Legend suggests that the origin of this name comes from two ill-fated lovers as Fort Qu’Appelle was the crossroads of a number of historic trails.

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