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genesee park
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Genesee Park | Colorado

Genesee Park

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If you take a gander to the North, you’ll soon be treated to a pretty nice view of Genesee Park!  The name Genesee stems from the Aboriginal term meaning ‘shining valley’. With a total of 2,413 acres, it’s the largest park in the Denver Mountain Parks system and as you can see contains some pretttttty scenic overlooks! You might even be able to spot the historic herd of Bison that live in the park! The Patrick House is the oldest building in the park and was originally built as a toll station in 1860 but now, the caretaker of the Bison herd calls it home!  Who knew a bison herd needed a babysitter!? Hmmm I should quit my day job and do that!!  

Genesee park is split in two by the highway and to the South, the 8000 ft high Genesee Mountain offers an incredible 360 degree view from it’s summit.  On the North side, Bald Mountain, which you might be able to see across the Valley, is the highest and most prominent peak at 7,988 feet. One of the area's most historic trails, the 8.65 mile long Beaver Brook Trail, connects Genesee Park to Lookout Mountain Park, home to the Braille Trail.  There’s something quite unique about the Braille Trail, any idea what it might be? Is it,


A - Named after the inventor of the braille reading system, B - a hiking trail for the blind, or, C - the only trail name that rhymes?


The answer is B! Braille Trail has waist-high guide wires and interpretive signage, written in Braille of course, to allow blind adventurers the chance to experience the beauty of nature!

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