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Rob Lee | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0
Georgetown | Colorado

Arapaho National Forest

A point of interest on the Denver to Vail Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Take a look South of the highway, in a few seconds you’ll see the answer! It’s the town of George… uh.. Town.  Did I say that right? The town of Georgetown.. Would I still call Georgetown a town if the word town is in Georgetown.. Sheesh now that’s a tongue twister.. More like a town-twister.. Hahahahah knee slap.. 

Kids - “uhhhh… riiiiiiiight”

Dad - “well I thought it was funny..”

Kids - “you always do dad, you always do…” 

Dad - “Anyways.. Founded in 1859 by George & David Griffith, Georgetown has been the site of not just a gold rush, but a SILVER rush too. earning it the nickname the “Silver Queen of Colorado”.  Kiiiiind of sounds like a creepy snow villainess dwelling deep in the Colorado mountains, who preys on naughty children who drive their parents crazy during road trips. 

Kids - ‘OMG could you get ANY lamer dad?’

Dad - ‘Ok ok ok ok,  there’s no shiny silver Queen in these parts, but at one point there was over 82 MILLION dollars in silver mined from Georgetown and the surrounding area. Furthermore, because of the town’s historical importance, it was the filming location for a Clint Eastwood movie called… called… well what do you think?  Was it,

A - The Gunman’s Daughter, B - Walk Like a Mountain Egyptian or C - Every Which Way But Loose?

If you answered C, “Every Which Way But Loose”, you must realllly love Clint Eastwood flicks.!

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