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georian bay islands national park

Tania Liu | Flickr | CC BY-ND 2.0

georgian bay islands
Honey Harbour | Ontario

Georgian Bay Islands National Park

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Audio Excerpt

Just eight kilometers west of here is the Georgian Bay Islands National Park,...and the folks there claim you can experience just about everything at their park!. Everything!? Really?  Well, Here at Tripvia, we took that as a challenge, so we sent our investigative research team out to scrutinize EVERYTHING in the Georgian Bay Islands National Park.


Actually it was just Molly with a clipboard, but she was able to determine there is one thing, thing that's available everywhere else in Canada, but not at the Georgian Bay Islands National Park. Go ahead Molly, tell 'em what it is.

M: Well, the one thing you can't experience there is boredom!

D: .. but no boredom… how dare they!!?? Well the Georgian Bay Islands National Park is situated in the world's largest freshwater archipeligo…


M: that means water everywhere, islands everywhere...lots of boat access, granite shores and woodlands for camping, hiking, bird watching, biking and lots more.  Beausoleil is the park’s largest island, facilities include docks, 130 campsites and 8 rustic cabins.


It also features a network of 11 well-marked and groomed trails ranging from wheelchair-accessible walking paths to more difficult scrambles across the Precambrian rock of the Canadian Shield.  There are 63 park islands and islets that dot the shore between Honey Harbor and Twelve Mile Bay.

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