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Golden | Colorado


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Welcome to the city of Golden! The city was founded during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush in 1859 in honour of Thomas Golden, who was one of the first people to come here in search of gold...  So wait... the guy who came here in search of gold had the last name … Golden.. Sounds like he was born for it! 


Another prospector actually found gold first and kept it a big secret, he only told Thomas Golden because, "Tom Golden is the only man who knows I found gold up the creek, and as his mouth is as tight as a No. 4 Beaver trap, I am not uneasy.." 


A number 4 Beaver Trap you say… well jeez, sounds like our man Tom was pretty trustworthy!  They were two of 100,000 gold seekers, collectively known as the fifty-niners, during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, one of the greatest gold rushes in North American history!  Golden was also home to Bill Harmsen who opened a number of stores in the Denver area called “Ranch Maid Ice Cream”. Now, as amazing and delicious as ice cream is, and trust me, I can put the ice cream back like no other, he invented and sold a candy that that was just as delicious and popular!  Any idea what it was!? Was it,


A - Jolly Ranchers, B - Nerds, or C - Gobstoppers?


If you answered A, Jolly Ranchers, you must be a pretty jolly rancher yourself!  Bill Harmsen founded the Jolly Rancher Company in 1949 with the goal of having a name that seemed friendly and welcoming to customers… well I’d have to agree with that one! A JOLLY Rancher is definitely better than a MEAN rancher!

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