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gravenhurst ontario

Richard Eriksson | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

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Gravenhurst | Ontario

Gravenhurst | Ontario

A point of interest on the Barrie to Muskoka Driving Tour, available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Alright folks.. here it comes.. are you ready for it? I know I am. In just a few moments… your going to experience… drumroll please .... a bend in the road!!!


  Awesome, right!? Oh, and you’ll also see the town of Gravenhurst! Once called McCabes Landing, and later Sawdust City,..a postal official, who proooooobably should have been working, was reading the treatise: Gravenhurst, or Thoughts on Good and Evil. The rest, well--is history. 


Good thing he wasn't reading a book about Spongebob Squarepants...then this beautiful town could be called Bikini Bottom.   Anyway, Gravenhurst is strategically located at the northern terminus of the Toronto, Simcoe and Muskoka junction Railway.. It’s known as, "the Gateway to Muskoka!"


  Oh, and get this: the nearby Muldrew Lake was named after the lakes second cottager: Dr. William Hawthorne Muldrew...also known as "Gravydog." (pause) Graveydog. oh there's a story there, buuuut we have to move on...because we need to talk about the Muskoka Wharf, located right here in Gravenhurst on the shores of Lake used to welcome passengers from the train that brought settlers here, and was also used for the lumber boat building industry.


 In 2005, all 89 acres of the Muskoka Wharf was renovated, and is now packed with wonderful retailers, restaurants, condos and a hotel! It’s also home to events like Pirate Fest and the Farmers Market. Fun fact, back in the 1940's, a foreign military set up a training camp here...who do you think it was?

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