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Great Sand Hills | Saskatchewan

Great Sand Hills Ecological Reserve

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Audio Excerpt

Take a good look around… any idea what the landscape and the Big Gulp from 7 Eleven I’ve been drinking for the past 3 hours have in common?? Well.. they’re both super flat. A short drive North can fix one of those things though! Half an hour North of here lies The Great Sand Hills Ecological Reserve and as the name implies, it’s not flat! The landscape is in fact very hilly, and great… and sandy.. And ecological… and reservey....  Aaanyways, want to hear something else really cool about the Sand Hills?? Of course you do… well… they actually move! The Great Sandhills are the largest set of active dunes in Canada! The shape of the dunes are constantly changing due to the wind and provide a unique experience every visit!


These dunes are also host to an abundance of wildlife, including white pelicans, pronghorns, badgers, foxes, and many other different types of animals. One animal that finds its home in the Great Sand Hills of Saskatchewan is actually quite rare. Any idea what animal it is? Is it 


A) the Golden Eagle 

B) the Ord’s Kangaroo Rat or 

C) the North American Groot? 


If you guessed B, the Ord’s Kangaroo Rat, I’m very hoppy for you!! Get it.. Hoppy.. Kangaroo.. I need a new joke writer..


While it is common in most of North America, the Ord’s kangaroo rat is actually considered endangered in Canada.  No idea what a Kangaroo Rat looks like? Check the stop description for directions to the Great Sand Hills to find out!

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