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Green Lake | British Columbia

Green Lake

A point of interest on the Vancouver to Whistler Driving Tour available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Pretty sweet song isn’t it!?  You should see the music video, it was actually shot right here in Whistler! North of Whistler lies Green Lake, which is fed by a river named the River of Golden Dreams.  The song you just heard is called, yep, Down the River of the Golden Dreams, which inspired the name of the river! The music video features the Rainbow Lodge, a popular weekend getaway on the river.  In the video, a group of Vancouverites take the train up to vacation at the lodge…. and hit the river for for some pretty epic boating parties of course. 


Ok ok, the song is from the ‘60’s and sadly, the only music video is the one in my head.. But it’s all true! The River of Golden dreams has some pretty spectacular, golden and I’m guessing … dreamy sunsets, all of which led to the unique name! 


The song was actually pretty popular back in the day, any idea what band sang it? Was it, A - The Platters, B - the Mad Hatters or, C - the Hollies?


If you answered A, The Platters, your vinyl collection must be golden… and dreamy! So there’s a ghost town called Parkhurst on the East shore of Green Lake where a group of squatters lived back in 1970.  I guess they were uh.. pretty hot one day.. and decided to strip down to the ‘ol birthday suit… and like any teenagers would, take a picture!  Well most of the people in the photo settled in the area and had families.  Can you imagine.. Sitting in class when all of a sudden Billy snickers.. ‘Hey Don, I found a picture of your parents haha….” 

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