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happy valley

Vlad Podvorny | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

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Happy Valley, ON

Happy Valley Forest

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Audio Excerpt

If you take a look to the West, you’ll see a forested area that snakes behind the big fields. That area is, well.. If the name is to be believed, very happy!  Happy Valley Forest is 6.5 square kilometres of forested, swampy, wetlandy and, well, happy, fun! The area was actually classified as an area of natural and scientific interest, by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.


Happy Valley supports over 100 bird species including the endangered Acadian Flycatcher, the threatened Hooded Warbler and the ‘I just got off the vulnerable species list and I’m super stoked about that’ red-shouldered hawk! The area is also home to many other rare species of animals including the Jefferson Salamander and both the Northern and Southern Flying Squirrels.


Now these flying squirrels can’t actually fly like birds, but they do a pretty good job at gliding! Well, why do you think they can glide through the air so good?


The answer is B! Flying Squirrel’s have a patagium, which is a furry, parachute-like membrane that stretches from wrist to ankle. Kind of like those completely out of their mind insane peop…. I mean extreme sports enthusiasts.. who strap wing suits on and fly down a mountain!


Flying squirrels also use their tail to provide stability in flight! Hey maybe if the traffic's bad you can head to Happy Valley and get a lift from a squirrel! Just make sure you take me along too ok!?

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