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hardwood hills ski and bike

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Hardwood Ski & Bike | Oroi

Hardwood Hills Ski & Bike

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 just cruisin' along, singin' a Canadian song about....Trip-veee-ah!  There's a place just nine kilometers west on old Barrie Road, if you’re heading North you'll see in a minute… if you’re heading South,....OK TURN NOW!....


 Ha!!!! I'm just messing with ya!.. it's actually behind's Hardwood Hills, or Hardwood Ski and Bike...a family oriented cross country skiing, snowshoe, mountain biking and outdoor recreation paradise!  It was thee site for the mountain biking events for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto!  Hardwood Ski and Bike was also the proposed venue for mountain biking for Toronto's failed 2008 Olympics bid.  Seriously, winter or summer, Where better to hold the Olympics!!?? Hey world....write this down,...we're Canada, we invented winter and perfected summer!   the Olympics should be held here every year. Got it!? MMk… good. 


  Anyway, Hardwood Ski and Bike  has cross country skiing trails that range from 3.3 to 19 kilometers in length catering to every level of ability, from beginner to elite racer. In addition, there are about 18 kilometers of marked snowshoe trails. plus they're located in a consistent and abundant snow-belt area here in Central Ontario.  Oh, and get this: Each Spring Hardwood Ski and Bike hosts the Canada Cup,  which brings out the best mountain bike riders in Canada! The Trek Wednesday Night Race Series attracts families from the beginning of May to the end of August.  Ok, back to the Olympics, so what sports do you think Canada leads the world in?

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