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horseshoe resort

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Horseshoe Resort | Barrie

Horseshoe Resort

A point of interest on the Barrie to Muskoka Driving Tour, available on the Tripvia Tours App for Android & iPhone.

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Audio Excerpt

Just six miles west of here on Horseshoe Valley road sits Horseshoe Resort, formerly Horseshoe Valley Ski Club.  Now (interrupted by alarm sfx) oh!!


That's the Boredom and Stress Annihilation Alarm! It goes off any time we get near a place where Boredom and Stress cease to exist!  Well, Horseshoe Valley is definitely a place we should stop!


  Just listen to why.. 101  rooms to rent, 40 condo style suites, two year-round restaurants, Horseshoe Resort offers...  680 acres of beautiful landscape, two award winning golf courses, a full service shizen spa, indoor and outdoor  pools, a full gym, 40 kilometers of trails,--you can go  hiking, biking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, skiing, mountain biking, snow tubing (stop)  ...whew!


And then, they break the rules with crazy fun things to do that you can't just find anywhere...treetop trekking, Yamaha riding, Segway and Hummer adventures, PLUS there's an Adventure Park that offers you family friendly activities like a rock climbing wall, Red Horse Maze, Red Horse mining attraction, Euro Bungy, Zip Lining, and something called an Orgo Run...oooo!  that sounds interesting...


Well, it's a lot like Zorbing! Oh...that didn't help eh? Sounds like a great trivia question to me! So what do you think Zorbing is? 

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