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Clint Robertson, 2006.

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Hotel Saskatchewan | 2125 Victoria Avenue, Regina

Hotel Saskatchewan

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Audio Transcript

Pretty impressive building isn't it? You're looking at Hotel Saskatchewan, a municipal heritage property that was built in 1927 for the Canadian Pacific Railway. The hotel became the fourteenth in their nationwide chain and was the largest and most luxurious hotel in the province at its time of completion.

With it's 280 rooms and elegant architecture and decoration, the hotel has attracted numerous people and events of political, economic and cultural importance. Royalty including Queen Elizabeth the second have been accommodated at the hotel repeatedly while visiting the province.


Additionally, the hotel has long served as a popular meeting place for the city's social elite. From 1945 to 1984, the hotel served as the official residence and the office of someone pretty important in Saskatchewan. Refer to the trivia question on your device to find out who it was!

Rising 11 stories, with a terraced skyline affect, the structure was for many years one of the city's tallest buildings. Contributing to its landmark status, the property is also associated with it's aesthetic and historical contribution to the streetscape.

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