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saskatchewan interpretive potash centre

BriYYZ | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

interpretive potash centre saskatchewan.
Esterhazy | Saskatchewan

Interpretive Potash Centre

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A quick 30 minute jaunt up highway 9 is all that stands between you and the Interpretive Potash Centre, located in Esterhazy, a quaint Saskatchewan town of nearly 3000! The Potash Centre is an interactive showcase that takes visitors on a journey from the early days of Potash mining, through various technological advances right up to present day! The Potash industry in Saskatchewan employs over 6,000 people and generates annual revenues in excess of $2.7 billion dollars!


The Interpretive Potash Centre also displays various rock and mineral formations from the surface of the Earth down to the level of the Potash mine and shows visitors the amazing difference between mining by hand in the early days and the robotic, remote controlled mining of today.  

95% of all Potash mined is used for one single thing, any idea what that use might be? Is it,


a) Potato Vodka

b) a component found in Graphite or

c) fertilizer?


The answer is C! Potash’s primary use is in agriculture as a fertilizer and is sold and shipped to many farms right here in Saskatchewan.  The other 5% include use in soaps, dyes, glass, drugs and electronics! If you feel like stopping by, be sure to check out the stop description for more information!

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